Rename Moscow to Zelenskyygrad

“Would you rather name a city after some river, or a hero?”

– Grandmaster Pra-Tre Veter


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, along with every person that stands up against the atrocities that Putin and the Russian oligarchy are committing against Ukraine, is a hero. Heroes should be honoured, which is we demand from the Russian Federation that Moscow be renamed Zelenskyygrad.

One day the Vile Kremlings of the Kremlin shall no longer hold power over Russia and its people. Instead, democracy shall reign in the largest country on Earth, and from Zelenskyygrad an elected leadership shall help the Motherland and its Brotherpeople in Ukraine prosper in times of peace. 

Rename the city

Moscow to Zelenskyygrad

Slava Ukraini!

Reasons to rename Moscow:

– To honour Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and his people

– To spite Putin, who would love a more “manageable” leader in Ukraine

– Because the river Moskva never gave permission to share its name with the city

Is this even possible?

– Yes. Has there ever been a petition made at change.org that didn’t end up making a massive difference?

Note: if the Russian Federation does not change the name officially, we can all agree to just call the city Zelenskyygrad on our own.

Why two "y"s? Why Zelenskyygrad and not Zelenskygrad?

I’m cool with either one of them. The linguists among you can battle it out, I guess.