Why I've written a book on Pooping in the Wild

Does a bear shit in the woods? Yes! And so should you.

My name is Alexander. I’m a a former trail developer and a self-proclaimed poop-in-the-wild expert – I’ve even pooped on Mount Doom. I’ve just written, illustrated and released a book on the noble art of pooping in the wild. Anyone can poop in the wild, but the problem with anyone is that they can do it anyhow. Yes, there are wrong ways to poop – especially in the backcountry!


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Why this book exists

The idea to write this book on how to poop in the wild was born during a meeting where representatives from different nature trails in Sweden talked about people’s tendency to leave mountains of toilet tissue behind them in the backcountry. Stepping in human poo is (in my eyes) something of a mood-killer.

Not only is poop gross – it’s potentially harmful and can in the worst cases spread diseases like E. coli and Giardia – and no one wants to see a trail get closed down due to landowners getting tired of people pooping carelessly on their land, which is a thing that has been happening more and more in the wake of the pandemic. 


While this isn’t the first book on the pooping in the wild, the subject needs a revival. 


About the book

How to Poop in the Wild is a guide on how to poop in the backcountry without making a mess of things for others. Where can you poop? Do you have to dig it down? Whatabout toilet paper, and soap?

Pooping in the wild isn’t rocket science, but there are some things to consider in order to make everything go smooth and safe. Are you aware how far away you should be from water sources when pooping? Do you know when and where you cannot bury any toilet paper?

Have you ever dug a cathole before?

Want the book?

Buy it as an eBook or paperback on Amazon – or buy the paperback version here.